Number 6

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The number 6, especially in its derivation number 60, puns with “opposition” and “Satan”. Number 6 was made the “number of Satan”, simply because it is pronounced like “Satan”. The Biblical character named “Satan” was originally the judical “opponent” & “accuser” in Job’s story, because both Satan’s & Job’s names mean “opponent”.

Hebrew, Aramaic štn = six, sixty; šṭn = opponent, Satan

שת št : six — Aramaic (Strong)

שתין štyn : sixty — Aramaic (Strong)

שטן šṭn : accuse, accuser, adversary, oppose — Old Hebrew (Strong)

שטן šṭn : adversary, opponent, accuser, Satan — Old Hebrew (Strong)

A giveaway is that very often the Aramaic term of sixty is used in the Mishnah, instead of the Hebrew one.

In some instances, authors even write “opposition” like “sixty”, with Tav instead of Ṭet.

If the wicked ones arise and destroy the foundations which face the deeps, the righteous of the world…

אם השיתין שהם רואין את התהום עמדו רשעים ופגרום צדיק העולם וכו

Yalkut Shimoni on Nach 653:3

The Satan character in the Old Testament is not particularly evil. Its use for scaremongering was kickstarted in later times. It may thus be that the central pun is found in a later language, like Greek or Latin.

tags:  Semitic numerology pun · symbol