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The strange acronym COVID-19 for the Coronahoax virus is supposed to mean COrona-VIrus-Disease-2019 — even though it was declared in 2020!

But if spoken out in Latin, it’s co-vid undeviginti, which puns with co-vide undavi genti “agitate people with appearances”. With French vide, it even becomes “agitate people with nothing”.

In Hebrew, the letters & digits spell out a phrase that’s close to כבד יעט kbd-yˁṭ kaved-yaat “covered-up enrichment”, or כבד צואה kbd-ṣwˁh kaved-tsoah “glorified bullshit” / “bullshit the multitudes”. And indeed the Coronahoax is just such enrichment through mere bullshit & agitation.

COVID-19 as co-vide undavi genti “agitate with appearances”

When spoken out in Latin, COVID-19 is co-vid undeviginti, which puns with co-vide undavi genti “agitate people with appearances” or even “flood people with perceptions” (all in false grammar). If we allow for modern French derivations because it’s a modern term, it also puns with “agitate people with nothing”. This uses French vide / English void, which is derived from Latin vacuum.

This is of course not proof in itself that the pandemic is made up. But it matches COVID-19 as a pandemic from “appearances”, and a pandemic from “nothing”: All the rules are set up to garble up normal statistics, and to redefine normal situations with known diseases into a pandemic.

Under all the exaggeration & forgery, COVID may be just common cold & flu as usual, or really a slightly worse year. It’s impossible to know underneath this gargantuan pile of falsified tests & statistics. But we can say with certainty that there was never any pandemic. The main COVID methods & rules were clearly rigged by the overlords to produce a pandemic on paper with nothing but a show, as in French co-vide “with nothing” and Latin co-vide “with appearance”! The puns only confirm this.

Latin, French co = with; vide = void, appear; undavi = flood, agitate; genti = people

co- : allomorph of con-; from the preposition cum (“with”) — Latin (Wikt)

vide : empty; devoid; blank — French (Wikt)

video; vidi; vide : see, perceive, look; regarded, seem, appear — Latin (Wikt)

undo; undavi : surge, flood, rise in waves; to waver, fluctuate, be agitated — Latin (

gens; genti : tribe; people, family — Latin (Wikt)

Latin undeviginti = 19

undeviginti : nineteen; 19 — Latin (Wikt)

COVID-19 as kbd-yˁṭ “covered-up enrichment”

Forbes states that either 40 or 50 billionaires surpassed the 1-billion mark just by profiting from COVID-19. Overall, the wealth of the ultra-rich has climbed to new record heights during the hoaxed-up pandemic, with new billionaires being created every few hours. Likely, COVID-19 also enriched even more secret billionaire crooks, who exist off the record, because they’re just too creepy to let us know their names & faces. Even so, it’s easy to see that like all crises, the Coronahoax is a money-making scheme, enriching the kleptocrats while destroying the modest wealth of their subjects.

One interpretation of the strange acronym COVID-19 supports this planned “enrichment”:

Note that the meaning of כבד kbd as “enrichment” is ancient and would not be understood by a modern Hebrew speaker.

Hebrew kbd = heavy, become heavy, enrichment

כבד kbd kabed; kaved : to be heavy, weighty, or burdensome; distinguished, glorify, honor, rich, make oneself rich, nobles, respected — Old Hebrew (Strong)

כבדה kbdh kevuddah : abundance, riches, wealth; heaviness — Hebrew (Klein)

NumberHebrew numeral
10י Yod
9ט Ṭet
19 = 10 + 9יט yṭיעט yˀṭ / עטי ˀṭy = cover, wrap, veil

Hebrew yˁṭ, ˁṭh = cover, wrap, veil

יעט yˁṭ : cover — Old Hebrew (Strong)

עטה ˁṭh : to wrap oneself, enwrap, envelop oneself; cover, veil, cloth, be clad, cover self — Hebrew (Klein)

COVID-19 as kbd-ṣwˁh “glorified bullshit”

This was the idea I had earlier: If the 19 is turned around to 91 it may be a variant of number 911 (the order seems irrelevant, see the famous chai). Both variants spell out words that are similar to צואה ṣwˀh tsavah, which means “command” & “shit”. The spooks may signal each other a “command” to “bullshit” us, because that is what spookery is about.

The derived meanings of כבד kbd kaved include “respecting” & “glorifying”, but also “multitudes” for being “weighty”. COVID-91 could thus form a phrase about either “glorification” or “bullshit”, or both:

Note again that these are not normal Hebrew sentences, and a modern Hebrew native speaker would not use or even understand them. Rather, these would be garbled translations from English into pseudo Ancient Hebrew by spooks, who misuse old languages to create encryptions.

As for other puns: The spooks may have chosen a corona virus theme for this hoax, perhaps to make it pun with Latin carina for “mockery”, or other possible K-R-N puns. The surgical masks that created some of the new COVID billionaires also pun with the many words for “masking” the spooks like to use in their “masked ruler” names.

All of these are just my guesses though. It’s intended as proof-of-concept that names & numbers are rarely a coincidence with the spooks.

And of course, this obscure punnery & numerology humbug is in itself not proof that COVID-19 is a global hoax. Rather, the fact that all COVID statistics are officially admitted to be forged, ordered by WHO & governments to include just anyone who died from anything after a COVID test, and even untested people, and still the rates are small compared to the common flu, yet all global powers comply without flinching, and no mainstream media “discussion” ever even mentions this… that is proof for a globally coordinated hoax!!!

Hebrew kbd = heavy, honor, respect, glorify, enrichment

כבוד kbwd kavód : honor; respect; esteem; dignity, self-respect; reputation — Hebrew (Wikt)

כבד kbd kavéd : heavy, having much weight — Hebrew (Wikt)

כבד kbd koved : heaviness, weight, gravity; abundance, multitude — Hebrew (Klein)

כבד kbd kabed; kaved : to be heavy, weighty, or burdensome; distinguished, glorify, honor, rich, make oneself rich, nobles, respected — Old Hebrew (Strong)

NumberHebrew numeral
90צ Ṣade
1א ˀAleph
91 = 90 + 1צא ṣˀצאה ṣˀh / צואה ṣwˀh = command / shit

Hebrew ṣwˀh = command, order, excrement, filth

צואה ṣwˀh tsavvah : command, order, verbal will — Hebrew (Jastrow)

צואה ṣwˀh tsoah : filthy matter, excrement — Hebrew (Jastrow)

🏷  Latin Semitic hoax marker numerology pun · symbol