Galileo Galilei

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The name Galileo Galilei, of the man who revealed the earth to revolve around the sun, actually means just that thing: “revealing the revolving” — in Hebrew! The phrase would be something like גלילו גלילי glylw glyly galilo galili for “unrolling the rolling”, derived from the root gl for “rolling”. The equivalent Latin words “revealing” & “revolving” are also both derived from “rolling”.

Galileo’s father officially came from nowhere, yet could immediately marry into nobility and “attract” rich patrons. His ancestors are marked “private” on

We’re also told that Galileo was “anti-authoritarian” and tried by the Catholic authorities. Yet the same authorities thereatened him with torture if he didn’t confess, but didn’t follow through when he didn’t. They also found him “suspect of heresy”, but somehow wouldn’t formally charge him. They threatened imprisonment, but changed it to house arrest. He was supposed to read psalms every day, but got a waiver. Even the house arrest was lifted when he wanted to travel abroad for medical reasons.

Given this spooky background and his punny Semitic stage name, it’s more likely that Galileo was part of the spooky elites himself, a peer to the pope and archbishops.

Bronze age astronomers & seafarers already knew a whole lot about the earth and the stars. We also know that there was never a real break in rulership. The geocentrism & flat earth paradigms thus have the smell of purposeful misdirection by our “hidden rulers”. The word root gl can mean both actual discovery or reveling a previous secret (see Goliath), so it’s ambiguous as to what Galileo really did here. Some of his peers may have actually attacked him, because they didn’t like his public “revelation” of their elite secrets. But it may also be that he himself wanted this toothless “trial” to increase his everlasting fame.

Like all those other fabled spook inventors & disoverers in history, Galileo may yet have been an actual scientist. Just not as great a genius as the propaganda has us believe. Rather, like the others, he likely relied in part on his wealth to buy him time, travels & equipment, an army of assistants to do the heavy lifting & number crunching, and on widespread top-level connections to turn modest achievements into revolutionary fame, and also to conceal the fact that his discoveries were mostly built on previous knowledge from many “forgotten” actual geniuses.

Still, we probably have to thank the spook overlords that in those times they allowed some actual science to progress at all, unlike today.

Hebrew, Aramaic gl = roll, roll open, unroll, unfold, uncover, discover, reveal

גלל gll : to roll; rolled, rolled away; wrapped; rolled up; unrolled, unfolded; removed — Hebrew (Klein)

גלי gly : to uncover; to open; to show, reveal; to bring to light; to declare; to reveal (secrets, revelations); to uncover; to be visible; to be naked — Aramaic (CAL)

גלה glh : to uncover; to appear; uncovered, revealed, disclosed; discovered, made known — Hebrew (Klein)

גלגול glgwl : rolling, revolving — Hebrew (Klein)

גלגל glgl : wheel, cycle — Hebrew (Klein)

🏷  Semitic pun spook name · name