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The Egyptian god Horus is visibly named after ḥr for “face”, because the Horus falcon has a white face. However, the same word also means “foreman” & “leader”, and puns with pretty much all other attributes of Horus.


Horus is written ḥr / ḥrw and depicted as a falcon-headed man or a white-faced falcon. As usual with gods and mythical creatures in general, all his attributes are puns with his name. This means he too was created from puns.

Egyptian ḥr, ḥrw = Horus

𓅃𓀭 ḥr : Horus — Egyptian (AED)

𓅃 ḥrw : Horus (god’s name) — Egyptian (TLA)

Egyptian ḥr = face, mask, upper part, sky, chief, master

𓁷𓏤 ḥr : face, sight — Egyptian (AED)

𓁷𓏤 ḥr : mask — Egyptian (Hannig)

𓁷𓏤 ḥr : face, sight, front, facade, mask, surface (of building), attention, head, mind — Egyptian (Vygus)

𓁷𓂋𓅱𓇯 ḥrw : upper part, top — Egyptian (AED)

𓁷𓂋𓏏𓇯 ḥrt : sky, heaven — Egyptian (AED)

𓁷𓂋 ḥry : master — Egyptian (AED)

𓁷𓂋𓇯𓀀 ḥry : head man — Egyptian (AED)

𓁷𓂋𓏭𓇯𓀀 ḥrj : superior, supervisor, chieftain — Egyptian (TLA)

𓌨𓂋𓁷𓏤 ẖr ḥr : under the control of, under the supervision of — Egyptian (AED)

Egyptian ẖr = lower; ẖrwy = testicles; ẖrt = deceit; ẖry-st = instead

𓌨 ẖr : under, because of — Egyptian (TLA)

𓌨𓂋𓅱𓈇𓏤 ẖrw : base, lower part, underside — Egyptian (AED)

𓌨𓂋𓅱𓏭D283 ẖrwy : testicles — Egyptian (AED)

𓌨𓂋𓏏𓂝𓅪𓏥 ẖrt : deceit — Egyptian (AED)

𓌨𓂋𓏭𓏛𓊨𓏏𓉐𓈖 ẖry-st-n : instead of — Egyptian (Vygus)

Egyptian ḫrd, ḫrr = veil, cloth

𓐍𓏭𓏭𓂋𓏤𓂧𓏭𓍱 ḫrd : bundle (of linen); veils; thin cloth — Egyptian (TLA)

𓐍𓂋𓏭𓂋𓏤𓂧𓏭𓍱 ḫrd : veil, thin cloth — Egyptian (Vygus)

𓐍𓏭𓂋𓏤𓂋𓏤𓍱 ḫrr : bundle, bale (of cloth) — Egyptian (Vygus)

Egyptian ẖrd = child; ḥry = child

𓄡𓂋𓂧𓀔𓀀 ẖrd : child — Egyptian (AED)

𓁷𓂋𓂝𓏯𓀁 ḥry : a boy, youngster, child (in arms) — Egyptian (Vygus)

Egyptian ḫrw = enemy, war

𓐍𓂋𓅱𓀒 ḫrw : enemy — Egyptian (TLA)

𓊤𓇋𓇋𓀜𓀏 ḫrwy : enemy — Egyptian (AED)

𓊤𓅱𓇋𓇋𓅱𓂡𓏥 ḫrwyw : war — Egyptian (AED)

Egyptian ḥḥ = missing, seek, search; jr = eye

𓎛𓎛 ḥḥ : to seek, to search for — Egyptian (Vygus)

𓎛𓎛𓏭𓂻 ḥḥy : seek, search for, be missing — Egyptian (AED)

𓁹𓏏𓏤 jr.t : eye — Egyptian (TLA)

𓁹𓁹𓅱𓏭 jr.wj : pair of eyes — Egyptian (TLA)

Egyptian bjk = falcon; bȝk = servant; bȝq = white, spy; bkȝ = pregnant

𓃀𓇋𓎡𓅃 bjk : falcon, kite — Egyptian (TLA)

𓅡𓎡𓀀 bȝk : servant, underling — Egyptian (TLA)

𓃀𓅡𓄿𓈎𓆭 bȝq : oily, bright, white, be dazzled (of sight) — Egyptian (Vygus)

𓃀𓈎𓁻 bȝq : espy, to catch sight of, to behold — Egyptian (Vygus)

𓃀𓂓𓁑 bkȝ : to be (become) pregnant; to make pregnant — Egyptian (TLA)

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