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Houdini may be a variant of Yehudi, which means “leader”.

The name Houdini also appears in the French variants Houdin, Hodin, Oudin, Odin.

Harry Houdini’s name was officially copied from Jean Eugène Robert-Houdin, who in turn took the name from his wife Josèphe Cecile Houdin.

Harry Houdini was also officially a Jew.

In Aramaic, הוד hwd means leader. The N is a common grammar suffix for verbs & nouns. In regular Aramaic language, there are many N-suffixed variants of הוד hwd, which look & sound a lot like the names Houdin and Houdini.

Aramaic hd-n = leader, leadership

הדין hdyn : guide — Aramaic (CAL)

מהדין mhdyn : one that guides — Aramaic (CAL)

מהדינו mhdynw : leadership — Aramaic (CAL)

The names Houdin & Houdini may thus mean Jew in the sense of leader. Since Houdin & Houdini were illusionists, for them the name may also mean “mis-leading the audience”.

🏷  Semitic hidden ruler spook name · name