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The name Joseph means to add, but also has financial meanings like money-lending, debt and interest.

I allege that the granary part of Joseph’s story in the Bible is a veiled recipe for banksterism. Joseph’s name is confirmation for that.

Joseph from Hebrew sp for “adding”

Joseph is usually written יוסף ywsp in Hebrew, the vowel-less Phoenician variant would be ysp. The basic meaning of the word root יסף ysp is “to add”.

Hebrew sp = Joseph, adding, increasing

יוסף ywsp : “he increases,” a son of Jacob, also the name of several Israelites — Old Hebrew (Strong)

יסף ysp : add, continue, exceed, increase, longer, more, prolong, repeat — Old Hebrew (Strong)

Aramaic zp for “adding” & “debt”

However, the sibilants S, Š, Ṣ, Z are frequently swapped in the written forms of different Semitic dialects. So, if we’d find a word yzp instead of ysp, that also has the basic meaning “to add”, then I’d assume it’s the same word root. I just found that spelling yzp in Aramaic.

יזף yzp : to be added — Aramaic (CAL)

So what are the other derivations of the Aramaic root yzp? They are all about debt.

Aramaic zp = loan, lend, debt, interest

יזף yzp : to borrow, to lend, to be borrowed, to be lent, to be added — Aramaic (CAL)

אוזפה ˀwzph : loan — Aramaic (CAL)

זוף zwp : to lend — Aramaic (CAL)

זפה zph : loan — Aramaic (CAL)

זפו zpw : loan — Aramaic (CAL)

יזוף yzwp : borrower, borrowing — Aramaic (CAL)

יזיף yzyp : borrowed — Aramaic (CAL)

יזיפו yzypw : indebtedness, borrowing — Aramaic (CAL)

יזף yzp : borrower, loan — Aramaic (CAL)

יזפה yzph : loan — Aramaic (CAL)

מוזפן mwzpn : lender — Aramaic (CAL)

מוזפנו mwzpnw : lending — Aramaic (CAL)

מזפו mzpw : interest — Aramaic (CAL)

מתתוזפן mttwzpn : that which is lent — Aramaic (CAL)

שיזפן šyzpn : minter or exchequer — Aramaic (CAL)

Can it be a coincidence that Joseph’s story is about debt, and his name is also about debt? I don’t think so.

Egyptian ỉsf for “guilt”

Interestingly, there is also an Egyptian root ỉsf meaning “wrong-doing”. Many languages use the same words for “debt” & “guilt”, such as pan-European schuld or schild), Aramaic ḥwb Sanskrit ṛṇá. This means that Egyptian ỉsf for “guilt” may very well be the same word root as Semitic ysp, since both spelling & meaning have a large overlap.

Egyptian ỉsf = guilt, wrong-doing

𓇋𓋴𓆑𓏏𓅪 ỉsft : wrong, wrong-doing, falsehood — Egyptian (AED)

𓇋𓊃𓆑𓏏𓏳 ỉsft : wrong, wrong doing, falsehood — Egyptian (AED)

𓇋𓋴𓆑𓏏𓏭𓅪𓀀 ỉsfty : evil-doer — Egyptian (AED)

𓇋𓊃𓆑𓏏𓅪 ỉzft : injustice, evil, disorder, chaos, wrong-doing — Egyptian (TLA)

𓇋𓊃𓆑𓏏𓏭𓅪 ỉzftỉ : sinner, evil-doer, enemy — Egyptian (TLA)

Aramaic zp for “forgery” & “fraud”

As many spook names have to do with deception, it’s also interesting to note that Joseph has a secondary pun with Aramaic זיף zyp for “forgery”. It may be that this is even related to the primary meaning of “adding”, here in the sense of adding untrue things to a true thing.

Aramaic zp = falsehood, forgery, fraud

זיף zyp : mold, forgery; falsehood; false copy; fraud, falsehood — Aramaic (CAL)

זאפן zˀpn : false, fraudulent; forger, cheater — Aramaic (CAL)

זאפנו zˀpnw : falsification, forgery — Aramaic (CAL)

זיפן zypn : to behave falsely; to behave in a false manner; to be deceived — Aramaic (CAL)

זיף zyp : D to forge, falsify; to counterfeit, forge; to falsify; to be falsified; to be deceived; to deceive — Aramaic (CAL)

מזיא דזיפא mzyˀ dzypˀ : wig (lit. false hair) — Aramaic (CAL)

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