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The name Maria is a direct transcription of the Aramaic term מריא mryˀ māryā for “master” or “mistress”.

In Aramaic, מריא mryˀ māryā literally means “lady” & “mistress”, in the sense of “lord” & “master”. As evidence, the Maria from the New Testament is often titled “our lady”. Since there is nothing wrong with such a title, we must wonder why this meaning is not officially admitted.

Instead, the name is explained as a variant ot Miriam, which has no official meaning. Rather, it’s explained as meaning “bitter”, as with Mordecai. So as with Mordecai, the spooks may also misuse the name as an encoding for מר mr meaning “imitation” & “emulation”. More puns are possible, and more research is needed.

Hebrew, Aramaic mr = master

מריא ; מרי mry; mryˀ mārē, māryā, mārā : master (human, divine); owner; title of respect; sir; chief — Aramaic (CAL)

מרה mrh : lady, mistress, Mrs. — Hebrew (Klein)

מרה mrh : mistress; expert, master; rich in … — Aramaic (CAL)

Hebrew, Aramaic mr = exchange, substitute, imitate, emulate

מר mr : exchange; instead of; as — Hebrew (Jastrow)

מור mwr : to change, exchange; convert — Hebrew (Klein)

מרי mry : to embitter; to reflect, imitate; to be eager for, long for with zeal; to rebel; to provoke; to quarrel; to imitate, emulate; to contend with; to long for — Aramaic (CAL)

🏷  Bible name Semitic hidden ruler pun · name