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The Egyptian god Min is depicted as a dead guy with an erect penis, because his name puns with mnj for “dead”, and with mn for “endurance” & “erected monument”. The actual spook meaning may be something violent.


Min is written mnw, and is a minor god depicted as a mummy with an erect penis, a flail, and a thread hanging from his head. Pun-wise, he is Amun’s punny twin, because they both use M-N puns. As with most gods, his name doesn’t even have an official derivation, probably because the true one would clash with the official meaning.

Egyptian mnj = dead

𓏠𓈖𓇋𓐪𓊛 mnj : die — Egyptian (AED)

𓏠𓈖𓇋𓐪𓀿 mnj : death — Egyptian (AED)

𓏠𓈖𓇋𓐪𓀿 mnj : the dead — Egyptian (Vygus)

Egyptian mnw = club, cudgel, obelisk; mn = enduring

𓏠𓈖𓏌𓅱𓌇 mnw : mace — Egyptian (TLA)

𓏠𓈖𓌇 mnw : club, cudgel — Egyptian (Vygus)

𓉶 mnw : obelisk, monument — Egyptian (TLA)

𓏠𓈖𓇋𓇋𓂾𓂾 mny : thighs — Egyptian (AED)

𓏠𓈖 mn : to remain; to endure; to be established; fastened; unmoving — Egyptian (TLA)

𓏠𓈖𓏛𓍿𓃀𓏏𓋸 mn-ṯbt : steadfast (enduring of sole) — Egyptian (TLA)

𓏠𓈖𓄣𓏤 mn-jb : steadfast, defiant, steady, firm, strong — Egyptian (TLA)

Egyptian mnw = fortress, plants, thread

𓏠𓈖𓏌𓅱𓉐 mnw : fortress — Egyptian (TLA)

𓏠𓏌𓏌𓏌𓆭𓆭𓆭 mnw : trees, plantation — Egyptian (TLA)

𓏠𓈖𓏌𓏲𓆰 mnw : an aromatic plant — Egyptian (TLA)

𓏠𓈖𓏌𓏲 mnw : thread — Egyptian (TLA)

Egyptian mnw = pain; ˤmnt = beating; mny = forced labor

𓏠𓈖𓏌𓏲𓅪𓏥 mnw : pain — Egyptian (AED)

𓂝𓏠𓈖𓏏 ˤmnt : to box; to beat — Egyptian (TLA)

𓏠𓈖𓇋𓇋𓀋𓀀𓏥 mny : corvee, forced labor — Egyptian (Vygus)

𓏠𓈖𓇋𓏲𓌙𓀜𓈒𓆱 mnj : to suppress — Egyptian (Vygus)

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