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The name of the Egyptian god Amun means “hidden” & “secret”. That one of the most important deities is officially woven around worshiping “hidden-ness” is a telltale sign for the age-old prevalence of cryptocracy in our world.


Amun is written jmn, which officially means “hidden” & “secret”. jmn is an extremely common Egyptian word. In its shortened form mn, it is even a grammar particle meaning “not being there”. While all gods are “hidden” in a sense, this is not the aspect that regular people would want to worship. So making this concept a major deity is proof for the existence of spookery, i.e. secret rulership, in very ancient times. Of course, many other deity names also secretly mean “hidden”, but here it is even admitted.

As usual, all of Amun’s attributes are puns with his name. Like all gods, he was created from puns.

Interestingly, the same spelling jmn also means “right hand”, “West”, “fabrication”. In these meanings, it is identical to Semitic ymn, so it was a multi-lingual root. The meaning of “hidden” cannot be found in the Semitic languages, however. It is either hidden itself, or was only ever present in Egyptian. The Biblical name Benjamin seems intended to pun with “fabrication” instead.

Amun and Amaunet are mentioned in the Old Egyptian Pyramid Texts. The name Amun (written imn) meant something like “the hidden one” or “invisible”.

Wikipedia: Amun

Egyptian jmn = hidden, concealed, secret, Amun

𓇋𓏠𓈖𓅆 jmn : Amun — Egyptian (AED)

𓇋𓏠𓈖𓀃 jmn : secret, hidden, conceal, hide — Egyptian (AED)

𓇋𓏠𓈖𓀄 jmn : hidden one — Egyptian (TLA)

𓇋𓏠𓈖𓏏𓀃 jmn.t : secret; what is hidden — Egyptian (TLA)

Egyptian mnjw = shepherd; jnm = animal skin; mn = twisted; mˤnn = twisted horns

𓏠𓈖𓇋𓅱𓀦 mnjw : herdsman — Egyptian (TLA)

𓇋𓆛𓈖𓌰𓅓𓁸 jnm : skin (of a man); hide (of an animal); skin color — Egyptian (TLA)

𓅓𓂝𓈖𓏭𓏴𓂝 mn : to be twisted — Egyptian (Vygus)

𓅖𓈖𓈖𓏲 mˤnn : be twisted (of horns on crowns), twist (as torture) — Egyptian (Vygus)

🏷  Egyptian divine name hidden ruler pun · name