Naval Intelligence

🏷  Semitic pun · name   —   by Gerry · Jun 2021 · 188 words

Very many spooks are said to work in Naval Intelligence, i.e. reconnaissance for the army at sea. I’ve never quite understood this emphasis on the navy. Sure, ships are important, but the need for spookery at sea is minimal. The solution may again be a pun: From the Genesis & Noah puns, we know that “water” puns with “people” in Hebrew. And חיל ים ḥyl-ym “navy” even puns with הול עם hwl-ˁm “confusing the people”! A spook working in “naval intelligence” would thus be spy whose job is to confuse the common people, on behalf of the spook rulers. This fits what Miles has found out about the intelligence services and their actual projects.

Hebrew ḥyl-ym = navy; hwl-ˁm = fooling the people, deriding the people

חיל ים ḥyl ym : navy — Hebrew (Wikt)

הלל hll : to be foolish; make into a fool, make a fool of; turn into a fool; act like a madman — Hebrew (Klein)

הול hwl : to be merry; to deride, laugh at — Hebrew (Jastrow)

הוללה hwllh : confusion; creating confusion; intrigue, schemes — Hebrew (Jastrow)

עם ˁm : to press, crowd, join; gathering, crowd, people; gentiles — Hebrew (Jastrow)

🏷  Semitic pun · name