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The name Al-Qaeda of the purported terror organization officially means “foundation”, but also means “leader”, which makes it a punny-synonym to the terms bees, singles and “Jews”, all misused by the cryptocrats to refer to themselves as “leaders”.

al-qāˁida as “foundation”

The official meaning of Al-Qaeda is “the foundation” or “the base”, in a limited hangout attempt also explained as “the CIA database” for CIA-trained Mujahedin fighters.

And indeed the term قَاعِدَة al-qāˁida, if written in the official way, means “foundation”. With the definite article, the basic form is given as الْقَاعِدَة‎ al-qāˁida, “the base”.

قَاعِدَة qˀˁdʰ qāˁida : foundation, basis, fundament, (military) base — Arabic (Wikt)

While “base” is explained as “base of Jihad”, the stripped name “base” is very unspecific for such a highly political organization.

al-qāˀid as “leader”

However, if we swap the Ayin for an Aleph, we get a very familiar word: قَائِد qāˀid means “leader”.

Together with the definite article, the basic form is now الْقَائِد‎ al-qāˀid, the accusative is الْقَائِدَ‎ al-qāˀida, and a plural form is الْقَادَة‎‎ al-qāda, “the leaders”.

قَائِد qˀˀd qāˀid : leader, director, manager, head, chief, commander, commandant — Arabic (Wikt)

While this is also a very unspecific name, we know that joke very well: The global crypto-aristocrats and their lesser agents frequently call themselves punny-names meaning “the leaders”: as bees, singles, and most famously as “Jews”.

The last pun-relation is given away by calling Al-Qaeda “base of Jihad” and also “Jews of Jihad”: Most non-insiders won’t get it, but the word for “base” is a homonym to a synonym for “Jews”. The whole name is yet another a pun. And Al-Qaeda is simply another one of the aristocracy’s 1000 guises to scam & loot their own subjects!

🏷  Semitic hidden ruler pun recommended · name