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The Spanish name Alcazar is really a Spanish transcription for Arabic al-qaṣr meaning “the castle”. Like Spanish Castro, this stems from Latin castra / castrum. The ultimate origin lies perhaps with Semitic qṣr for “cut-off”, which also seems related to Caesar. But wherever that word came from, we know what it means for the spooks: These names mark them as natural “palace”-born parasites, “cut off” from regular lowborn folks.

Spanish, Latin, Arabic alcazar, al-qaṣr, castra = castle, palace

Alcazar : a surname; From Spanish Alcázar, from alcázar, from Arabic اَلْقَصْر‎ (al-qaṣr, “the castle”), itself from Latin castrum (“castle”). Cognate with castle. — English (Wikt)

Castro : a surname; Probably ultimately from Latin castra (“military camp”). — Spanish (Wikt)

castrum : castle, fort, fortress; (chiefly plural) camp, especially a military camp — Latin (Wikt)

قَصْر qṣr qaṣr : large stone building, castle, palace, fortress; From Aramaic קַצְרָא‎ (qaṣrā), from Latin castrum. Cognate to Classical Syriac ܩܰܨܪܳܐ‎ (qaṣrā), Hebrew קְצָרָה‎ (qəṣārâ), Byzantine Greek κάστρον (kástron). — Arabic (Wikt)

🏷  Semitic castro hidden ruler pun spook name · name