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Castro literally means “palace”. It’s no coincidence that fake “communist” leader Fidel Castro was a spoiled rich kid from one of the wealthiest crypto-aristocratic families in Cuba. Variants of castro appear in Arabic & Spanish as Alcazar. The word may ultimately stem from the Semitic root קצר qṣr for “cut off [place]”. In this regard, it may be related to Caesar. Castor & Custer may also simply be variants of Castro.

Latin, Semitic castra, qṣr = castle, palace

Castro : a surname; Probably ultimately from Latin castra (“military camp”). — Spanish (Wikt)

castrum : castle, fort, fortress; (chiefly plural) camp, especially a military camp — Latin (Wikt)

קצרא qṣrˀ : castle; Arabic qaṣr — Aramaic (CAL)

קצרה qṣrh : fort, castle; Latin castra (= fortified camp), (whence also Syriac קַסְטְרָא (= fortified place, fort, castle). Arabic qaṣr (= castle, palace) is borrowed from Hebrew קַצֽרָה Latin castrum originally meant ‘that which has been cut out’, from *kastrom (= a cutting tool), whence also Latin castrāre (= to cut, geld), which is probably cognate with Old Italian śásati, śásti (= cuts), śástram (= knife), Greek keazin (= to split). — Hebrew (Klein)

🏷  Semitic castro hidden ruler pun spook name · name