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The name angel is used for heavenly messenger spirits, because Greek angelos means “messenger”. The spooks have perhaps promoted that name, and sometimes seem to misuse angels as hoax markers, because it puns with engelao for “mockery”. A similar pun may exist in Hebrew, where m-lˀk means “messenger” & “angel”, which puns with m-lˁg for “mockery”.

One example where angel-like wings were apparently misused as a hoax marker was the fake death of Gabby Petito, plus the owl, Halloween, 9/11, monarch butterfly, a moon and probably others. Even the names seem puns: Gabby Petito is similar to “[rumour for] petty-gabbing” and “begabbing the little [people]”. The fake murderer’s name Brian Laundrie is similar to “brainwashing”.

It goes without saying that there’s nothing wrong with the belief in or the depiction of angels. Humans believed in protective spirits long before the spooks screwed everything up.

Greek angello = bear a message; engelao = laugh, mock

ἄγγελος ángelos : messenger; one that announces; angel, heavenly spirit — Ancient Greek (Wikt)

ἀγγέλλω angéllō : to bear a message; to announce, proclaim, report — Ancient Greek (

ἐγγελάω engelaō : laugh at, mock — Ancient Greek (

ἀγαλλιάω agalliáō : rejoice exceedingly — Ancient Greek (

Hebrew m-lˀk = messenger, angel; m-lˁg = mockery

מלאך mlˀk : messenger; messenger of God, angel — Hebrew (Klein)

מ־ m- : from, of, from inside — Hebrew (Wikt)

לעג lˁg : jest, mock; deride; speak lasciviously — Hebrew (Jastrow)

🏷  Bible name Greek Semitic hoax marker pun · symbol