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It’s often claimed that matrilineage or matrilineality would somehow be important in Judaism. However, there is no evidence for this, neither in contemporary Judaism nor in ancient sources. But since “Judaism” is a pun-identity for the spook aristocracy, and “secrecy” is so important to them, they probably really mean “hidden lineage”. In Hebrew, אם ˀm for “mother” puns with עמם ˁmm for “darkened” & “obscured”. It’s the obscured lines that are most important to the spooks!

There’s lots & lots of texts and web articles on why & when Jews “switched” to matrilinear descent. However, I found no evidence at all that this was ever applied in pratice to common Jews. I encourage everyone to try and look this up: For the characters in the Bible stories, everything is clearly patrilinear. Still today, Jewish children inherit surnames from their fathers. There’s lots of talk that this may have been different in earlier ages, but little to no evidence. Any Jewish society, even orthodox ones, would certainly accept a child as Jewish if it was raised Jewish, even if only the father was a Jew and the mother was not. Overall, Jewish society & religion are very patriarchal. Mail me if you spot any actual evidence for this matrilineage, I found none.

In theory, matrilineage could not apply to actual Jews, but for spooks, and spookhood is transferred through the mother. However, there’s many counterexamples to this, such as African-American celebrities, many of whom are descendants of a white slave-owner spooklord and his slave mistress. Judging by what I find in Miles’ papers, spook power can be transferred through either mother or father. Overall, spook society also seems to be very patriarchal.

So, what’s with all this fuss about matrilineage? I think it’s once again a pun: In Hebrew, “matrilineage” could be something like מצד האם mṣd h-ˀm. (There’s not even a Hebrew Wiki article for matrilineage!) This is derived from אם ˀm “mother”, which puns with עמם ˁmm for “darkened” & “obscured”. So the “maternal bloodlines” pun with “obscured bloodlines”! We know from Miles’ research that spookery is all about hiding the perpetual inheritance of unearned power & wealth, and obscuring the aristocratic bloodlines is a key concept. We even find this in the spook version of the 10 commandments, and possibly Leviticus.

I therefore think that actual Jews never switched to maternal bloodlines. It was the aristocrats who “switched to hiding their bloodlines” when they became cryptocrats, to conceal their eternal reign of nepotism & corruption.

Hebrew ˀm = mother; ˀmm, ˁmm = darkened, obscureed, blurred, unclear

אם ˀm : mother; matriarch; womb — Hebrew (Klein)

עמה ˁmh : dark, dim; weak, unclear — Hebrew (Klein)

עמם ; אמם ˀmm; ˁmm : to grow dim; to obscure, excel; obscure — Hebrew (Jastrow)

עמם ˁmm : to darken, to dim; darkened, dimmed — Hebrew (Klein)

עמום ˁmwm : dimming, darkening, obscuring; disregarding; blurring, making unclear — Hebrew (Klein)

🏷  Semitic pun spook law · name