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When enacting their hoaxes, the spookling actors often raise their index finger for all to see, apparently as a hoax marker. This may be a pun with Latin index, which means “indicating” & “pointing out”, and by derivation “informant” & “spy”. It’s also a multilanguage-pun: Hebrew ˀḥd “one” puns with hwdyˁ “informant”, and ˁṣb mrh “index finger” puns with ˁṣb mrh “image of a rebellion”. The latter may explain the ISIS gesture.

The index finger gesture became famous because the spooklings enacting the fake ISIS “terrorist” group were using it all the time. Truth-seekers also noticed that the Christchurch shooting victim on the stretcher was using it. (Both hoaxes do of course have plenty of other contradictions which prove they’re not real, the hoax markers just go on top of that.)

The Latin pun is very obvious: index is the “forefinger”, but also means “informant” & “spy”, all derived from “indicating” i.e. “pointing things out”. In addition, English / Germanic finger puns with Latin fingere for “pretense”.

However, the spooks seem to like pun symbols that work in several ways & languages, and there are also possible Semitic puns:

Generally, the Semitic number 1 is ˀḥd, which puns with yhwdy “Jew”, and therefore also with hwdyˁ “informant”, which seems to be the main Judah pun in the 12 tribes parable.

However, there may be a more specific pun why it was used for ISIS: The modern Hebrew word for “index finger” is אצבע מורה‎ ˀṣbˁ mwrh, which puns very well with עצב מרה‎ ˁṣb mrh “image of a rebellion”. This confirms again that ISIS is merely a fake “image”. The idea that ragtag rebels could surprise & defeat the most weaponized & spycraft-driven empire in human history is simply utter nonsense.

Latin index = forefinger, pointer, indicator, informant, spy; fingere = pretend

index : a pointer, indicator; the index finger, forefinger; a sign, indication, proof, mark, token, index; an informer, discoverer, director, talebearer, guide, witness, betrayer, spy — Latin (Wikt)

fingo; fingere : dissemble; alter the truth in order to deceive; feign; pretend — Latin (Wikt)

Hebrew ˀṣbˁ mwrh = index finger; ˁṣb mrh = shape of a rebellion

אצבע מורה‎ ˀṣbˁ mwrh : forefinger; the index finger — Hebrew (Wikt)

עצב ˁṣb : form, image — Hebrew (Klein)

מרה mrh : to rebel, be rebellious; show disobedience — Hebrew (Klein)

🏷  Latin Semitic hoax marker pun · symbol