Disclaimer on Judaism

🏷  disclaimer · meta-info   —   by Gerry · Jul 2019 · 521 words

When reading my analyses, you’ll have to differentiate between actual, common Jewish people, and our secret rulers & leaders, who also call themselves “Jews”.

To people familiar with Miles’ research, this should be obvious. To mainstreamers & novice truth-seekers, it will come as a shock: When you research cryptocracy, the secret rule of the rich & powerful, you’ll notice that very often, the spooky cryptocrats are calling themselves “Jews”.

Many mainstream people will bail out & flee at the very mentioning of this taboo word.

Yet if you look closer, you’ll see the cryptocrats are neither actual Jews in the textbook sense who’d believe in God, nor conspirators in the “Protocols of Zion” sense, who’d scheme against other powers. Rather, it seems they are the only powers, simply “the rulers”. Many of them even officially hold aristocratic titles. And they seem to only ever scheme against us, their own subjects.

But why are the cryptocrats calling themself “Jews” then? There’s no advantage gained by that, rather it makes them stick out, and helped Miles to detect them. I’ve taken up my research to solve this contradiction.

What I found is that this “Jewish” identity means something completely different to them. They’ve twisted the definition around by 180 degrees, using puns. The word “Jew” means “leader” & “majesty” to them! All the Biblical names they use have second meanings of “hidden rulers”, the Talmud texts are laws about secret ruling! And the visible rulers were always only a small subset of this aristocracy.

But the spooks have not “hijacked” Judaism and put it on as a disguise. They were the ones who instituted it, millennia ago, as a disguise, scapegoat & recruiting ground all in one! This is explained in detail by Flavius Josephus. They’ve instituted all other religions too, because that is how secret rulership has always worked in this world. Spookery is that old.

Some mainstream readers will think I’m nuts, or anti-Semitic, or anti-religious. Some fellow truthers will think I’m misdirecting away from the real nature of the conspiracy. But I’m neither. Rather, I want to free our collective quest for truth from mysticist creepiness, and give our research a more solid basis.

Miles is totally right, of course, to call the spooky cryptocrats “Jews”, because that is what they call themselves. And he’s also totally right in claiming that there is no other identity behind that.

But I think I’m equally right not to use the term “Jews” all the time, because it’s so easily misunderstood for actual Jews. And I hope I can bring some fresh evidence to the table that this cryptocratic “Jewish” identity has nothing to do with actual Jewish faith. So please don’t go and pester ordinary Jews about cryptocracy, because they know nothing about it.

I hope I could clarify here that I don’t want to offend any real Jews, nor truthers who’d want to stay politically correct. But we cannot avoid the topic any more. This cheap masquerading by the crypto-aristocrats has fooled us for millennia. It’s about time we tackled it, and threw that mask into the dustbin of fake history.

🏷  disclaimer · meta-info