Talmud texts

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The Talmud texts are absolutely strange: They’re the law for Judaism and are said to contain the ancient wisdom of the “people of the book”. But on closer inspection, you merely find endless lists of arbitrary impractical rules on minuscule things, which most actual Jews admit they don’t understand. The reason is pun-encryption: The rules are really about disguising the aristocracy!

For my decryptions here, I use the Mishnah version, which doesn’t have the commentary of the Jerusalem & Babylonian Talmud, but they’re all very similar overall.

Please read my disclaimer on religion, and the introduction to puns.


Talmud chapter is really an introduction to ruling through deception

Maaser Sheni

Talmud chapter is about “disguised informants”


Talmud chapter states how “nobles” can hide their status


Talmud chapter explains how the rulers manufacture fake “wars”!


Talmud chapter is about creating minority communities to recruit assistant “fools”


Talmud chapter is about running “hoaxes”