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Famous ancient texts often contain weird passages that seem dull, nonsensical or arbitrary. I think that’s because they’re full of secret puns, which the ancient spooks used to encrypt their nasty messages.

Sadly, this is especially true for the Bible. If you’re religious, please read my disclaimer first.

The most important entries in this section are my interlinear analyses, where you can really see how the encryption works.

10 commandments

are reasonable rules, but pun-encrypted spook laws at the same time

12 tribes of Israel

are a set of puns to explain spookery

Berakhot interlinear puns

are an introduction to spookery

Caesar’s assassination

is really an encrypted story telling us how it was faked!

Confucius’ Xue Er

is a book that explains spookery

Deuteronomy interlinear puns

reveal encoded spooky laws

Genesis interlinear puns

show that Genesis is about the genesis of spookery

Joseph’s story

is a recipe on how to use crises to create debt

Leviticus interlinear puns

reveal encoded spooky laws

Noah interlinear puns

reveal that leaders sit out manufatured wars in secret hideouts

Noah’s story

is a punny parable about “leaders”, “fame”, “delusion”, and the cursed “truth”

Samson’s riddle

has the solution “hidden leaders”, written like “lion & bee”

Samson’s story

is a parable about “strength” through “veiling”

Tower of Babel

is a spook parable on why hidden rulers confuse their subjects

Xu Guangqi’s treatise on agriculture

is an introduction to spookery