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These decryptions of ancient texts are the most important part of my site. You will not find anything like this anywhere else.

Many famous ancient texts are actually word-for-word encrypted instructions on how to rule through deception! For encryption, the authors simply used puns, words that are similar. For some texts, I was able to break the encryption and provide here full interlinear word-for-word translations.

To prove that all the secret meanings exist, I’ve included 1000s of links, from every word & meaning to the corresponding dictionary entry. If you ever want to understand human history down to ancient times, try to read at least a few lines of an interlinear analysis. The best one to begin is probably the Book of Genesis.

If you’re having trouble getting started, then please read the introduction to puns and the letter interchangeability rules to understand how the puns work.

Most of the texts are from the Bible, so religious readers should proceed with care.

10 commandments

are reasonable rules, but pun-encrypted spook laws at the same time

12 tribes of Israel

are a set of puns to explain ruling through deception


Talmud chapter is really an introduction to ruling through deception

Caesar’s assassination

is really an encrypted story telling us how it was faked!

Confucius: Xue Er

is a book that explains ruling through deception

Debate between Sheep & Grain

is a parable about ruling through deception


really is a list of encrypted spooky laws


is a parable about the genesis of ruling through deception

Great Hymn to Aten

is really a hymn to aristocratic “secrecy” & “obscurity”

Josephus: War of the Jews

is about how the nobles started pretending to be subjects, especially religious outcasts


really is a list of encrypted spooky laws

Livy: Founding of Rome

reveals Rome was secretly founded by the Phoenicians

Maaser Sheni

Talmud chapter is about “disguised informants”

Noah’s story (full)

reveals that leaders sit out manufactured wars in secret hideouts


Talmud chapter states how “nobles” can hide their status


Talmud chapter explains how the rulers manufacture fake “wars”!


Talmud chapter is about creating minority communities to recruit assistant “fools”

Sun Tzu: The Art of War

is perhaps a book that explains ruling through deception


Talmud chapter is about running “hoaxes”

Tower of Babel

is a spook parable on why hidden rulers confuse their subjects

Virgil: Founding of Rome

reveals Rome was secretly founded by the Phoenicians

Xu Guangqi: Treatise on Agriculture

is an introduction to deception