Introducing Miles Mathis

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For those of you who don’t know the research of Miles Mathis yet, I’ll try to introduce it here, and also how my own research builds on his.

Miles Mathis and his research

My research is based on the analyses & findings of Miles Mathis, a portrait artist, scientist and history researcher. If you haven’t read his papers, I seriously encourage you to do so. His work is far more important than mine. His website may look a bit dated, but content-wise his analyses are the sharpest & deepest that have ever been published. Miles, in case you read this: Thanks again for all your great work!

Miles suggested for new readers to start with his solution of the Tate murders. I personally can also recommend his solution of the Kennedy assassinations for beginners.

Since Miles has written so many papers, and since his website lacks an introduction text, I’ll try to introduce his work here, and how it ties into my own. Beware that this is just my own interpretation. It’ll almost certainly differ from his, and yours. If you find the time, please read Miles’ work yourself, do your own research, and make up your own mind.

Miles’ findings

In my own words & emphasis, what Miles found in his history research was this:

All these findings taken together lead to an uncomfortable conclusion: Humanity is ruled by a vast network of aristocratic families, and these aristocrats systematically forge all accounts of their biographies & actions, to prevent us from knowing about their rulership. They specifically invent fake rags-to-riches biographies and fake heroic deaths for themselves, to have us worship them at the same time.

Many forgeries are incredibly obvious. Yet no one except Miles has ever reported on them. No historian, alternative media journalist, enemy ruler, government sceptic, or conspiracy theorist has ever reported this! That leads to another uncomfortable conclusion: It seems large independent human institutions do not exist. All are owned, headed and run by people who are secretly networked aristocrats themselves, and they keep each other’s secrets.

What to name them?

Since our language has no word for this system, we’ve come to call these crypto-aristocrats “spooks”.

But there is a word that they use for themselves. For me personally, this was the most uncomfortable revelation, because this word is a taboo in our society: Miles has shown over & over that the secret ultra-wealthy aristocrats like to call themselves “Jews”. Either they claim they’re “Jews” themselves, or their ancestors were, or you find among their family given names like “Israel” & “Mordecai”. However, I personally think they are not actual Jews in the textbook sense. Rather, “ze Jews” were an invention by the aristocrats, who built communities of religious outcasts as a hideout & disguise, as explained by Josephus.

You don’t have to believe me right now. I didn’t believe all this myself at first, until I researched & verified it on my own. (For examples, see Fidel Castro’s “Jewish” grandmother, or Bill Gates’ g3-grandfather “Israel”.)

My own research

This is where my own analysis started: I still couldn’t believe that the aristocrats were really actual Jews in the official sense, simply because there’s no power or advantage gained from that. To find out why they still use Biblical names, I started to study the original Hebrew text of the Bible.

What I found was that it is an pun-encoded text about ruling by deception. I could even verify this with many other ancient works, which are also such encrypted texts. You can read my introduction on how I worked, or just jump into the list of decrypted ancient texts to see examples in Hebrew, Latin, Greek, Chinese and Egyptian.

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